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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact us.



Contact us if you have any questions.



What is a pawn?

A pawn is a collateral loan, wich you bring in an item in exchange for money. How much money given depends on the item you bring in.

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What is the legal age to pawn items in Alberta?

The legal age to pawn items in the province of Alberta is 18.

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Do I need ID to pawn? If so, how many pieces?

By law it is required to provide 2 pieces of identification. It is mandetory to provide atleast 1 goverment issued photo identification, and a secondary piece of identification validating your full name as shown on your photo ID.

Government issued photo identification includes;

  • Drivers Licence
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Passport
  • FPS Card
  • Firearms Acusition Certificate
  • Indian Status Card
  • Metis Card
  • Health Care Card (photo)

Secondary identification includes;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Insurance (SIN)
  • Health Care
  • Bank / Credit Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Health Insurance (e.g. Blue Cross)

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Do you charge a fee to use your service?

Yes, there is a $1.00 non-refundable fee for the transmission of transaction. The fee is to be paid upfront, or deducted from the total sum of your loan. There is also a $5.00 service charge if you do not provide your contract upon pick-up

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What kind of items do you take?

We take anything from quality electronics to fine jewelry. electronics should be no more than 10 years of age. please visit our products page for more information.

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What happens if you take a stolen item?

We can not tell if an item is stolen or not until we run it through the system. if the item has been reported stolen, the property will be siezed and the person who pawned it will be held responsible. We do not take items without serial numbers (if applicable), nor do we accept items where the serial number has been altered.

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How much do you charge to pick up a pawn?

Our monthly interest is calculated according to the standardized rate within the province of Alberta. Please contact us for more details.

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Can I renew my pawn? If so, how much does it cost?

Yes, upon completion of the loan transaction, you are given 30 days to either pick up your item, or renew it for an additional 30 days. Please note that all contracts must be completed in full by the 60th day. The renewal fee will vary depending on the amount borrowed. Please contact us for more details.

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What happens to my item if I don't pick it up?

Your item will be placed for sale once it has cleared the BWI system for stolen items.

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Do you provide a grace period for late payments?

If a grace period is required, please contact us for arrangements. It is strongly recommended that you renew or pick up your item prior the expiry date indicated on your copy of the loan contract.

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Do I have to pick up my item?

You are not obligated to pick your item up, however you are also given the option to pick it up or renew it for an additional 30 days.

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Do you offer any sort of Membership?

We do not offer memberships. We always have great deals that are available to everyone!

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